Marines with the engineer platoon for Marine Wing Support Squadron 272, construct a foundation for a Southwest Asia hut at the Combat Center during Integrated Training Exercise 5-17, July 29, 2017. MWSS-272 is supporting the Aviation Combat Element of the ITX. The ACE conducts offensive, defensive, and all other air operations to support the MAGTF mission .


The Aviation Combat Element, or ACE, plays an invaluable role within the Marine Air Ground Task Force, conducting offensive, defensive, and all other air operations to support the MAGTF mission. Marine aviation provides the MAGTF with the operational flexibility it needs to accomplish its mission across the range of military operations such as delivering fires, facilitating integrated command and control, enhancing mobility and maneuver, providing force protection, sustaining combat power, and collecting intelligence. Majority of aircraft usage within the ACE is for close air support or to transport for the Ground Combat Element or Logistics Combat Element. When the sky is the limit for technology, air superiority has become absolutely essential to winning wars, without ACE no major war can be won.

The Combat Center’s 29-day Integrated Training Exercise is the longest-lasting training exercise that occurs aboard the Combat Center, covering all four elements of the Marine Air Ground Task Force. It is comprised of an intense training cycle involving a series of progressive, live-fire exercises that assess the ability and adaptability of a force of approximately 3,500 active-duty or Reserve Fleet Marine Force personnel.



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