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“She was a bad woman, help ” Carlos Hathcock once said of the woman known as ‘Apache.’ “Normally kill squads would just kill a Marine and take his shoes or whatever, thumb but the Apache was very sadistic. She would do anything to cause pain.” This was the trademark of the female Viet Cong platoon leader. She captured Americans in the area around Carlos Hathcock’s unit and then tortured them without mercy.

“I was in her backyard, viagra she was in mine. I didn’t like that,” Hathcock said. “It was personal, very personal.  She’d been torturing Marines before I got there.”

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I hate to draw parallels to video games concerning real world, life or death issues, search but this is what you get for camping. Seriously though, these boys were literally camped out in this spot with bed rolls and blankets.

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An elite military unit operating in Syria executed a ‘.50 caliber rescue’ to save a father and son from ISIS executioners.

The British SAS operators were near the Turkish border when they witnessed ISIS carrying out a series of so-called ‘trials’ of locals. The gruesome scene included several headless bodies already littering the desert floor.
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For the last 14 years, symptoms Marine snipers have suffered setbacks on the battlefield due to outdated equipment, cost specifically their sniper rifle: the M40A1. The Washington Post’s Thomas Gibbons-Neff, himself a former Marine sniper, writes about the weapon’s limited range compared to friendly, and more significant, enemy forces.

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czzCAMP LEJEUNE, generic N.C. – Marines with Scout Sniper Platoon, 2nd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment conducted patrols as part of training aboard Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, July 29, 2015, in order to train and become proficient in their tactics, techniques and procedures.

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Marines are so lucky when the bullet from a sniper hit his helmet.

The marine sniper take it away

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