A total of 200 men and women from New York National Guard units are busy helping residents and businesses cope with Lake Ontario’s rising waters.

“We’re filling sandbags and doing some distribution,” said Eric Durr, state spokesman for Guard unit, which serve a duel federal and state function. In times of emergency like this, The Guard serves at the pleasure of the governor, he said.

Use of the Guard in this situation is bring orchestrated by the state’s Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Durr said there are 50 airmen and 150 soldiers out working – and will continue working until further notice. National Guard teams are currently helping out in Orleans County (Town Highway Garage in Kendall), in Monroe County (Hilton Maintenance Site), Wayne County (Sodus DPW/Water Treatment Site and the Williamson; Highwaty Barn), Oswego County (NYSDOT site in the town of Parish).



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