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SEATTLE (KCPQ) – Chelan County Deputy Mike Lamon was waiting for an old military buddy to walk through the sliding glass doors at SEA-TAC Airport.

“I’ve been trying to find him for the past six years,” Lamon said as he waited. “My palms are sweating. I’m sweating. Yeah, a little beside myself. I gotta calm my nerves down a little bit.”

A man never forgets his best friend.

Adam and Mike worked together as a K-9 bomb team in the Middle East.

Adam stayed behind after Mike came back to the states.

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PALM COAST, Fla. — They wanted the picture to be just right, to look as close as possible to the one they’d taken together 50 years ago, back when their memories hadn’t yet been clouded by the images of war.

So Saturday morning, on the sun-drenched Atlantic shore of Cinnamon Beach on Florida’s northeast coast, four U.S. Marine veterans gathered around a yellow longboard turned upright, trying to re-create a moment from five decades earlier.

Bob Falk, 71, wearing a mirror-image blue-and-white striped shirt, leaned against the longboard’s left side, resting his spare hand on his hip.

Dennis Puleo, 69, removed his shoes, revealing the feet scarred by shrapnel, and pulled off his shirt, flanking the longboard on the right, mugging a wide smile for the camera with his arms extended.

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