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US Marines have rescued one of their helicopters after it made an emergency landing on a beach in Okinawa, Japan. The aircraft was airlifted back to base using an even bigger helicopter.The US presence on Okinawa in southern Japan is a key part of the security alliance between the two countries.

The base houses about 26,000 US troops.There are plans to relocate part of it to a less-populated area of the island, but many Okinawans want the air base removed altogether.


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A New York Army National Guard helicopter made an emergency landing shortly after noon at the Chili Country Club.

None of the five crew members on board was hurt.

“They had to make an emergency landing because the windshield was broken,” said Ann Pompa, owner and general manager of the club.

It landed on the ninth hole fairway, said Pompa.

The aircraft, a New York Army National Guard UH-60 Blackhawk, based at the aviation facility near Greater Rochester International Airport, was on a routine training flight when the windshield reportedly developed a crack and the windshield anti-icing system started to spark and short out, said Eric Durr, a spokesman for the National Guard.




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A United States ‘spy plane’ has made an emergency landing in eastern Russia, it has emerged today.

The surveillance Boeing OC-135B aircraft was flying a mission over Siberia as allowed under the Treaty on Open Skies when it reported a problem with its landing gear.

The unarmed plane made an emergency landing at Khabarovsk airport, but a military source in Russia has questioned whether the technical glitch was genuine.

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