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It’s horrifying to think of the extreme lengths sex traffickers are willing to go in order to capture their victims. This young woman’s dangerous encounter is a reminder to think twice before reacting if you find yourself in a bizarre situation. Please share this with every woman you know!

One young lady recently took to Facebook to warn fellow women about a new tactic traffickers are using to ensnare their victims.

Last week, a young woman by the name of Ashley Hardacre found herself in an unusual altercation and barely managed to escape.

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Lying to police officers usually never is a good call, but one amazing group of students did just that, but it was all in an attempt to show their Heritage High School resource officer, Officer Mitch, how much he means to them!

The Dude.be nice clothing company, which sponsors heartwarming surprises for those who makes a positive difference in the world, helped create the event and guide the students. Their collective appreciation presentation is something that Officer Mitch will remember forever!

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Back in 2015, Barack Obama launched the pilot program for the first time. Now, with Trump’s decision to release military-grade pistols to the public, which is set to cause a massive backlash in liberals.

The 2018 National Defense Authorization Act is based on an amendment that allows U.S. Army to relocate its .45 ACP M1911A1 pistols arsenal to the Civilian Marksmanship Program.

The defense project bill is expected to cost around $700 billion, and is now in its final stages, awaiting the President’s signature only.

According to reports, the World War II handguns will cost the military roughly $2 per gun to store each yer.

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 – Knott’s Berry Farm wants to thank active, retired and Veteran U.S military personnel by offering free admission during their ‘Military Tribute Days’ on select days in November and December starting on Monday.

The theme park says its ‘Military Tribute Days’ promotion includes two complimentary tickets for military personnel and a guest.

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Tensions between North Korea and the United States have been steadily rising for the past year, but with South Korea, Japan, China, and now most recently Russia coming into the mix, things may be far more complicated than Trump had initially anticipated.

As President Trump and Mad Dog Mattis have continued to solidify our positions in the Korean Peninsula, Russian military officials have grown angry at what they claim is an overreach of our power.

The US military has been running numerous joint drills with South Korea and Japan, in an attempt to prepare for any sort of nuclear attack which North Korea may launch. Apparently Russian diplomats think it’s unfair that we’re defending our own interests, and have just threatened an “apocalyptic situation” in the Korean Peninsula.

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The military was set up in such way that protocol is always the leading principle to follow. This yardstick that makes the U.S. military so special and well established is applied in every aspect of soldiers’ lives, even when it comes to commenting on Presidents.

Therefore, when it just so happens that someone does remark a certain topic, the country is a little taken aback by it.

However, we need to realize just how serious this could be, especially because we have a general speaking up against former President Barack Obama, saying he was always good at giving terrorists a psychological boost.

U.S. Army Gen. John Nicholson spoke on the Obama issue Monday, explaining Obama’s main goal was to convince jihadists that the U.S. army was not willing to fight, thus adding fuel to the fire.

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A federal court on Monday issued a clarification that the U.S. military must take transgender service members by January 1, after partially blocking President Trump’s transgender policy in an earlier ruling.

Last month, a judge on the U.S. District Court ruled that the president’s order to ban new transgender recruits from joining the military — as well as potentially expelling current members — cannot be enforced while the case is being reviewed in court.

Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly wrote that her injunction means that the military must continue to follow the policies established by former President Barack Obama‘s “June 30, 2016 Directive-type Memorandum,” which allowed transgender individuals to enlist beginning on January 1.

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The Grand Foyer and Cross Hall are decorated with “The Nutcracker Suite” theme during a media preview of the 2017 holiday decorations at the White House in Washington, Monday, Nov. 27, 2017. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

The White House officially began the 2017 holiday season Monday morning as first lady Melania Trump unveiled Christmas, Hanukkah and other seasonal decorations throughout the house.

Trump chose to honor the White House’s 200-year-old tradition of celebrating the winter holidays, and this year’s theme is called “Time-Honored Traditions.” White House Christmas parties date back to 1800 when President John Adams and his wife, Abigail Adams, hosted the first soiree.

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The USS Fitzgerald is seen on a U.S. lift transport vessel off Yokosuka,Japan, on Saturday. Japan News-Yomiuri

The USS Fitzgerald, a U.S. Arleigh Burke destroyer that was damaged when it collided with another vessel in June, was placed on a lift transport vessel Saturday off Yokosuka naval base as preparation to return to the United States for full-scale repairs.

The 8,315-ton destroyer had received urgent repairs at the base in Yokosuka.

After being fixed onto the transport vessel, the destroyer will be taken to the United States a few days later to receive full-scale repairs at Ingalls Shipbuilding in Pascagoula, Mississippi.

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When your on a ship like the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, the ocean is your own private swimming pool.

The series of incredible photos below shows members of the armed forces enjoying the great down-time tradition of “swim call.”

Basically “swim call” is when a massive ship stops in the middle of the ocean and lets the sailors and Marines jump in the water to help maintain morale.

In years past some sailors were placed on “shark watch” from a mounted .50 cal machine gun during swim call.

There’s also a SAR swimmer on call acting as a lifeguard.

The gallery below shows sailors and Marines jumping off destroyers and and carriers deployed around the world.

Have you ever been on swim call?

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