By: Denise Houghtaling

This is my grandson Beau. Less than a month ago was his 8th birthday. His parents Arlette Bransfield and James Walker bought him a brand new bike. Not even a week or 2 later it was stolen right out of their driveway. A policemen was patrolling the neighborhood the last few days in Gator Circle and since Beau wants to be a cop he ran up to him and was talking to him. He told the officer what happened. And today THIS HAPPENED. The officers pulled their own money together and came today and brought Beau a brand new bike. This just made me cry with joy and love. This is how we need to see policemen. These are the stories that need to be spread. They protect our families and neighborhoods each and every day with little thanks and we need to raise them up and support them. #lawandorder. CAPE CORAL POLICEMEN AND WOMEN YOU ROCK!!! Please share. Let’s support the men and women in Blue throughout the United States of America. God bless.