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SOMESVILLE, Maine (NEWS CENTER) – With hundreds expected to be out on the water this summer, the U.S. Coast Guard has ramped up efforts to bring awareness to paddler safety.

At least five people were killed in paddlecraft accidents, canoes, kayaks rowboats and paddle boards, already this year. That compared to nine in 2016, according to the Coast Guard.

“You know that’s an unacceptable number,” Michael Miller with the U.S. Coast Guard station in Southwest Harbor said.

In 80 percent of all water-related accidents the victim was not wearing a life jacket.

“Our policy is to just have everybody wear their life jacket but some people still don’t because they’re bulky and uncomfortable and not the coolest,” Bailey Moore said.

20-year-old Moore, a student at UMaine, has worked for National Park Canoe Rentals in Somesville since he was young.

“My grandfather used to own the business and I’ve been working here for like 10 years,” he said.

In that time, Moore has taken on the role of instructing renters on how to be safe on the water as they embark on their journey on four-mile Great Long Pond.

“By the afternoon it’s always pretty windy like this and that’s when people get into the most trouble,” he said.

As the tourist season kicks into full gear for Moore, the U.S. Coast Guard’s Paddle Responsibly initiative is as well. The effort providing a wealth of information for everyone heading out on the water.

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If you wanna know how to escape drowning when your hands are tied, the lessons from former Navy SEAL, Clint Emerson, shouldn’t be missed.

Controlled Breathing

Emerson who served in the US Navy for 20 years said that the best chance of survival while your hands are tied is to breath in a controlled way as lungs with full of air make the body float better.

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Police cars in Cleveland, illness Texas, order are the latest to receive a decal that reads: “In God We Trust.”

The stickers were provided by Good Promotions, a local business, and approved by the police department, Your Houston News reported. Cleveland ISD Police Chief Rex Evans says the message is empowering and patriotic.

“Katy Fire Department just put the motto on all its fire trucks. A lot of agencies are doing this these days,” Evans said. “The (attorney general) ruled that the motto of our nation is ‘In God We Trust’, so how could it be wrong?”

Despite the questions the decals raise about the separation of church and state, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton issued a legal opinion that the motto doesn’t violate the First Amendment, according to Constitution Daily.

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News is coming thick and fast as protests over the new Dakota Access pipeline heat up. In the latest developments, drug a federal appeals court ruled that it will take more time to consider a request for an emergency injunction against the pipeline from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. Meanwhile, viagra 60mg last Friday the US Army Corps of Engineers set the stage for protests to continue indefinitely, viagra 40mg by issuing a Special Use Permit for protesters to legally occupy federal land at Lake Oahe.

While all this is unfolding, a major new pipeline spill in Alabama has provided the Dakota Access protesters with a vivid demonstration of the risks and hazards posed by oil pipelines near sensitive lands.

US Army Welcomes Dakota Access Protesters To Stay Indefinitely
US Army Corps Welcomes Dakota Access Protesters

The Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) was instrumental in passing the Dakota Access project through the permitting process, but that doesn’t necessarily make it a member of the fossil fuel fan club.

In fact, USACE has been front and center in the Defense Department’s clean energy transition.

Take a look at a recent USACE ruling against a new coal terminal in Washington State, and you’ll also see a federal agency that is beginning to leverage tribal concerns and treaty rights in order to fulfill an environmental stewardship mission.

Lake Oahe extends from Pierre, South Dakota, to Bismark, North Dakota. It is managed by USACE and it has become a flashpoint in the protests against Dakota Access.

When the protests erupted onto the national radar earlier this month, the Obama Administration asked the pipeline developer, Energy Transfer Partners, to voluntarily halt construction within 20 miles of the lake.

The new USACE ruling enable the protesters to continue occupying a site near Lake Oahe south of the Cannonball River, as a matter of free speech. The ruling effectively supports a large encampment that has hosted thousands of protesters. Here’s an explainer from Native News Online:

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After recent killings of officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge, capsule the New York City Police Department is investing millions into heavy-duty bulletproof vests and military-grade helmets.

The department is spending $7.5 million to buy 6,000 bulletproof vests and 20,000 helmets, said the city’s Police Commissioner William Bratton at a July 25 press conference.

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The “knife-hand” is the multi-tool gesture of the military. Actually, salve you can think of it as a Swiss army knife – pun intended.

The knife-hand is used in a plethora of ways ranging from administrative to instructional and even to gauge anger, according to Terminal Lance creator Maximilian Uriarte. “Never, anywhere in the Marine Corps, have I ever seen the knife-hand so flagrantly used. I always took note, however, that the higher the knife-hand is on the drill instructor, the more pissed off he is.”

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Two Chinese military jets “unsafely” intercepted an American reconnaissance plane patrolling over the the South China Sea on Tuesday, generic according to Western media reports citing Pentagon’s official.

“Two tactical [J-11s] aircraft from the People’s Republic of China” intercepted the Navy EP-3 Orion, salve a US maritime reconnaissance aircraft, tadalafil which was on a “routine patrol” in international airspace, Defense Department spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Michelle Baldanza told NBC News.

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As the Navy and Marines prepare to alter dozens of military titles to conform to gender-neutral terminology, treatment the Air Force is bucking the trend and will be keeping the “man” in airman.

The call to revise numerous service designations came after a December decision by Defense Secretary Ash Carter allowing women to apply for all military jobs. In January, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus wrote a service-wide message calling the move “an opportunity to update the position titles.”

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