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At a time when violence perpetrated by cops is facing intense scrutiny, Toronto Police Service is arming its front-line officers with military-grade assault rifles.

The cops have purchased 50 C8 carbine assault rifles—the same guns used by the Canadian Armed Forces—for officers working in the Greater Toronto Area’s 17 divisions, according to a CBC report that was confirmed by police spokesman Mark Pugash.



Dozens of front-line Toronto police officers will soon be equipped with semi-automatic assault rifles similar to those carried by Canadian Forces soldiers and specialized tactical units, CBC News has learned.

The Toronto Police service is set to buy at least 50 C8 carbine assault rifles from Colt Canada, which is based in Kitchener, Ont. The rifles, which cost $2,000 each, will be carried in patrol cars in all of the city’s 17 divisions beginning in May.

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Eighteen years after rescuing Josibel Apontel from a fire, health former police officer Peter Getz officer watched her graduate magna cum laude from college.



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Delhi Police averts another Nirbhaya like incident by its awareness and bravery. After a furious chase, order the police managed to rescue the girl from the clutches of the perpetrators. The goons gave lift to the girl and his friend on the pretext of helping them but they had some depraved thoughts in their mind.



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