illie Medvid has gone through enough experiences to last most of us two lifetimes!

The 94-year-old Marine Corps veteran began her life in America as an immigrant. When Tillie first entered kindergarten, view she couldn’t speak a word of English.

So after years of hard work and diligent studying, viagra she finally passed high school and decided to attend University to study education! Pretty impressive for a woman who started off her schooling unable to even communicate with her teachers!

But when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, viagra her whole world changed in an instant. All the men signed up to fight, and all the women eventually got factory jobs to help the war effort in any way they could.

So when Tillie graduated college, she was interested in doing a bit more than help in the war effort; she wanted to join the war effort. She looked into the Army, Navy, and Coast Guard, but it was the Marine Corps who intrigued her the most. She knew she wanted to help them in any capacity.

After passing through boot camp she eventually became a radio operator and helped decipher radio codes used to help out our troops bravely fighting in the Pacific. After the war, she received an honorable discharge and became a mother, grandmother, and teacher.

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